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Tools for EPiServer and .NET development.


EPiServer support tools


SSO Tracer - FireFox plugin to use when develop fererated SSO
RegExLib - Web page about regular expressions.
Shell commands – sample scripts of useful windows shell commands.
PageTypeBuilder – Define your page types in code instead of hard work in the EPiServer admin GUI.
CloneDetective - A working clone detector for visual studio (needs Java to work)
ListReferences Tool to list all references for all assemblies in a folder and all its sub folders.
LanguageFilesValidator Validate EPiServer language files
WinMerge Diff tool for windows
Route Debugger Debugging tool that prints out debugging information about MVC routes.
Visual Studio Static Code analyzer Examine your code

Running FireFox with different sessions

If you testing access rights it is convenient to run the browser with different sessions (so its possible to login with different users) to do this use the –P parameter to start fire fox, and don’t share session information by setting the environment variable MOZ_NO_REMOTE to 1.

C:\ >set MOZ_NO_REMOTE=1
C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox\> firefox.exe -P a
C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox\> firefox.exe -P b

Front end

FireBug - Great tool when working with front-end stuff (Add-on to Firefox)
IE Developer Toolbar - Tool when working with front-end that needs to be used by Internet explorer (Add-on to Internet explorer)


Mdbg – How to use Mdbg MDbg.exe (.NET Framework Command-Line Debugger)
Reflector - Decompiler for .NET
Process Explorer - A more advanced "Task Manager"
StackDump - List the managed stack trace for running .NET processes.
SqlClientLogger – log4net logger that logs all database calls (when using Linq use LinqLogger instead)
LinqToSqlLogger – log4net logger that logs all linq database calls
WinDbg - A runtime debugger for the Microsoft platform.
Cygwin - A port of a lot of Linux commands to Windows
Fiddler - A easy to use network listener.
Wireshark - Network protocol analyzer
FileMon - A easy to use tool that reports what accesses are made to the file system.
JetBrains DotTrace – tool to see what your application is is doing in production mode (commercial with a trial version).
PerfMon - An excellent tool to examine runtime process.
SQL Server profiler – a great tool to examine what the database is doing.
Hacks - my own hacks for developing and troubleshooting.
TinyGet - to generate load on a server
TCPView from Sysinternals
LogParser – Tool to parse different log files with using SQL syntax
Fusion log - Investigate the loading of assemblies in .Net
Application Restart Detector - a tool to detect application restarts for EPiServer CMS 7
AsseblyLoaderDetector – EPiServer module to detect creation of assemblies

UI Testing

Lightweight Test Automation Framework


YSlow measure front end performance (fire fox add-on)


WinDirStat a disk usage statistics viewer


To see what application allocating what port

netstat -b -o

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Mattias Lövström

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